'In praise of Welshness'

'In praise of Welshness'

A book written by author and returning Welsh exile Peter Daniels, and published this week, is a celebration of Welshness and Welsh people.  read more

Hedd Wyn inspires young adult novel
300th anniversary of birth of Williams Pantycelyn celebrated
Welsh mythology inspires new novel during 'Year of Legends'
Glyndwr trilogy published posthumously
Lessons from All Blacks Conqueror Carwyn James in New Revealing Biography
Welsh Wanderer Tom shares story of his epic round of Wales charity odyssey
Golden times! Leading Welsh publisher and printer celebrates 50th birthday
Marking centenary of the battle of Passchendaele 1917
Welsh valleys mining community spirit recalled in emotional memoir
'The Welsh need more confidence in themselves'
What is the true national sport of Wales?

What is the true national sport of Wales?

The debate about the true national sport of Wales has been raging for years between rugby and football fans. But a new book claims that the first and true national sport of Wales is neither of these, but the little less know sport of Handball.  read more

New book celebrates Thomas Jones of Pencerrig
The connection between Wales and Liverpool explored
The truth behind Saint David of Wales
'The 100 must see' places in Wales revisited
Welsh wine merchants win prestigious food award
New book aims to teach children about global warming
Y Lolfa launch their advent calendar

Y Lolfa launch their advent calendar

Publishers and printers Y Lolfa launch their advent calendar at 12pm today which will include recommendations of books to give as gifts or to read over the holidays and in the new year.  read more

The Welsh impact on Manchester United FC.
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