Trickster, forger or genius - the story of Iolo Morganwg, one of the 18th century's most colourful characters
Welsh Learners receive a helping hand which sees four of Wales' publishers working together on a joint project
One woman's journey around Wales in search of its holiest sites
First ever biography for 'one of the world's best photo-journalists', Welshman Philip Jones Griffiths

First ever biography for 'one of the world's best photo-journalists', Welshman Philip Jones Griffiths

A decade after the death of one of the world’s best journalist photographers, the Welshman Philip Jones Griffiths, the first ever biography detailing his life and work has been published in Welsh. The volume Philip Jones Griffiths – Ei Fywyd a’i Luniau (His Life and Photography) by Ioan Roberts, is published this week by Y Lolfa and contains fifty impressive photographs by Philip himself, from Wales to Vietnam and many other countries.  read more

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Love reading, love books.
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The women of Naseby - the forgotten Welsh massacre
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The sacrifice of Wales' airmen and airwomen during first world war told for first time
Poetry inspired by north Ceredigion shows the county at its best
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