New Book to Celebrate the Growth in Support of Independence

We need your pictures and stories!   

Y Lolfa is preparing a bilingual book to discuss and celebrate the growth of support for Independence for Wales, to be published in October 2020. The main focus will be on the years between 2016 and 2020.

The book will include a selection of stories from individuals who have witnessed this growth since Euros 2016, who have joined the campaign after the Brexit referendum, or decided in the days of the Coronavirus that independence for Wales is the only way forward. As with the book Cofiwch Dryweryn (published by Y Lolfa in 2019), the stories / experiences are intended to be placed alongside relevant pictures to accompany each individual’s story.

The editor of the book, Mari Emlyn, said:
“It would be good to have stories from across Wales stating why you have chosen to support independence for Wales. What was the catalyst for you to support the campaign? Why is independence needed? How likely are the Welsh to support independence for their country?
It would also be great if you could send pictures of you and your family / friends to accompany your stories – at the Euros in 2016, in Yes Cymru group meetings, on one of the marches for Independence, within your community or in your home during the lockdown.”

The intention is to include quotes from those who have been instrumental in raising awareness of the need for Independence for Wales.

Please contact the book’s editor, Mari Emlyn, with your photos and stories: [email protected]

Deadline to receive material is 1 June, 2020.



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