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Bestselling dog phrasebook now available in North Wales Welsh

Here’s a book with a difference for Welsh learners! Teach your Dog Gog: North Wales Welsh aims to help them practise their Welsh with their dog.

The book includes 60 useful phrases written in both English and the dialect spoken in north-west Wales, each followed by a pronunciation guide. Entertaining 1950s-style retro pictures illustrate the expressions.

Author and illustrator Anne Cakebread says:
“I’ve been asked for a north Wales version of Teach Your Dog Welsh so many times since its publication. I’m very glad to be able to provide one at last!”

Teach Your Dog Gog includes phrases such as “Fyny â chdi” (“Up you go”) and “Dos syth ymlaen” (“Go straight ahead”). It also contains illustrations of some of north Wales’ most famous attractions including Abersoch, Caernarfon Castle and Yr Wyddfa / Snowdon. The book is suitable as a first introduction to north Wales Welsh for learners of all ages. Most of the phrases can also be used in non dog-related situations.

Anne Cakebread’s first book in this series, Teach Your Dog Welsh, was published in 2018. It was WH Smith’s Book of the Month, and has sold over 14,000 copies.

The original book was inspired by Anne Cakebread’s rescue whippet Frieda, who had been trained by a Welsh-speaking family and only responded to Welsh commands. The series has grown and now includes fourteen phrasebooks, which have sold over 34,000 copies between them.