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Dr Wyn Thomas

Dr Wyn Thomas was born in Llandrindod, the son of a police officer who routinely searched water pipelines for explosive devices in the late 1960s. Wyn's doctoral thesis, 'Wales and Militancy 1952-1970', was marked by one of Wales' most renowned and celebrated historians, Dr John Davies. Wyn is a former history tutor at Swansea University. He now works freelance in academia, the media and as a respected musician and songwriter. For more information see:

Dr Wyn Thomas – Author Historian Musician (www.drwynthomas.com)

Having sold all copies of its original print run, Wyn's acclaimed book 'Hands Off Wales: Nationhood and Militancy' was updated and republished by y Lolfa in spring 2022. Described as a "superbly researched account and analysis" of the militant campaigns carried out in the name of Welsh political nationalism between 1963 and 1969, 'Hands Off Wales' has been called the definitive account of this period of militancy.

In 2019, y Lolfa published Wyn's celebrated biography of John Jenkins, the 1960s Welsh militant political activist. Titled, 'John Jenkins: The Reluctant Revolutionary?', the book is a fascinating and highly engaging account of Jenkins' life; which in its meticulous attention to detail throws light on the previously reticent, enigmatic and complex John Barnard Jenkins and the 1960s militant campaign by MAC that he so effectively led. 'John Jenkins: The Reluctant Revolutionary?' has been declared a "must-read" for anyone with an interest in Welsh history and UK politics. Here is a link to a YouTube promotional video in which Wyn speaks about researching and writing the book.

Dr Wyn Thomas | John Jenkins: The Reluctant Revolutionary? - YouTube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDBN3lkLAWA)

In July 2023, Wyn's evocative 'Tryweryn: A New Dawn?' was published by y Lolfa. Having been well-received in academic and non-academic circles, the book is regarded as a significant contribution to the historiography of Wales and the UK. 'Tryweryn: A New Dawn?' has been described as "a masterful and detailed study", which, committed to providing a balanced and nuanced account of the contentious 'Tryweryn' affair, is "destined to become the definitive appraisal of an important event in the recent political history of the United Kingdom."

Asked what he hoped to achieve through writing this history, Wyn replied: "If, as I've been told, my history has helped people – and younger people in particular – to develop a love for history and to further their love of Wales, then I am thrilled. That is more than I could ever have wished for." In 2015, Wyn also wrote and presented BBC1's 'Tryweryn: 50 years on'. Here is a link to a YouTube promotional video in which Wyn discusses writing 'Tryweryn: A New Dawn?' and his album, 'Orion's Belt'.

Dr Wyn Thomas, 'Tryweryn: A New Dawn?' - YouTube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKIkGwiFc0w)

In 2022, Wyn's album 'Orion's Belt' was released. Here is the link to the video for 'Watch and Smile', which opens the album.

Wyn Thomas - Watch and Smile - YouTube (www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOMODcqb9XY&t=18s)

Individual tracks and 'Orion's Belt' in its entirety can be ordered through Bandcamp via digital download. The album can also be ordered on CD via Bandcamp and through Wyn's website https://drwynthomas.com/orions-belt. 'Orion's Belt' is also available for purchase on all digital platforms (i.e., Spotify, etc). Below is the link to Wyn's page site on Bandcamp. 'Watch and Smile' is a freebie (top of the page) and designed to whet the appetite of would-be purchasers:

Orion's Belt | Wyn Thomas (wynthomas.bandcamp.com/album/orions-belt)



Tryweryn: A New Dawn?

- Dr Wyn Thomas

Hands off Wales

- Dr Wyn Thomas

John Jenkins - The Reluctant Revolutionary?

- Dr Wyn Thomas

John Jenkins - The Reluctant Revolutionary? (h/b)

- Dr Wyn Thomas