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A picture of Alun Gibbard

Alun Gibbard

Alun Gibbard is a full-time author from Llanelli who has published many non-fiction books, and one novel. He also contributes to the weekly magazine Golwg. He was a broadcaster for a quarter of a century before starting his writing career, and still participates in radio and TV programmes.


Into the Wind - The Life of Carwyn James

- Alun Gibbard

Pink Ribbons for April: in Memory of April Jones

- Alun Gibbard

Cardiff before Cardiff

- Jon Pountney, Alun Gibbard

Carwyn: Yn Erbyn y Gwynt

- Alun Gibbard

O'r Llinell Biced i San Steffan

- Sian James, Alun Gibbard

Talcen Caled

- Alun Gibbard
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