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A picture of Caryl Lewis

Caryl Lewis

Caryl originally comes from Dihewyd near Aberaeron. She graduated from Durham University before returning to Aberystwyth University to get a higher degree in writing. Iawn Boi? won the Tir na n-Og award in 2004 and her novel Martha Jac a Sianco was named Book of the Year 2005. In her spare time she loves to draw and eat Maltesers.

Photo credit: Naomi Campbell



Yr Ysbryd (Dramau'r Drain)

- Caryl Lewis

Trosiadau / Translations: Gwaliadir / Walesland

- Caryl Lewis, Nigel Wells

Bili Boncyrs Seren y Rodeo

- Caryl Lewis, Gary Evans

Iawn Boi?:-)

- Caryl Lewis

Dal Hi!

- Caryl Lewis
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