A picture of Robin Llwyd ab Owain

Robin Llwyd ab Owain

Robin has refused to be interviewed on television or radio about his work as a poet and his other work since 1991 because: ‘they are too American, too English and totally inadequate. There is no need for S4C and Radio Cymru any more; every poet and litterateur is his own channel, his own publisher as a result of the internet’. Originally from Gwynedd, he lists Robat Jones, Chwilog, Alan Llwyd and his father (who bought him books on the subject) as his motivators in starting to write in metrical consonance (cynghaneddi) and he wrote his first metre ‘Y Tractor’ for the Urdd Eisteddfod – the night before his Welsh A Level exam.



Cân Mandela (Bb fwyaf / B flat)

- Robat Arwyn, Robin Llwyd ab Owain
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Cân Mandela (D fwyaf / D major)

- Robat Arwyn, Robin Llwyd ab Owain