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A picture of Brett Breckon

Brett Breckon

If you want to find Brett Breckon from Roch near Haverfordwest, you could try looking for him in one of three places - on the beach with his surfboard, paddling his kayak or in his studio quietly painting. He says that 'at a very young age, I loved to make pictures. They were often inspired by my dreams, wishes or fantasies. Ever since then, I've never really stopped drawing, painting and making things. Art has always been a passion.'



A Boy Called Dewi

- Steffan Lloyd

Dragon Days

- Brett Breckon

Dark Tales from the Woods

- Daniel Morden

Trysorfa Chwedlau Cymru

- Tudur Dylan Jones

Trysorfa Arwyr Cymru

- Tudur Dylan Jones

Cyfres Menywod Cymru: Cranogwen

- Elin Meek
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