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World Cup finalists Nigel Owen and Derek Bevan recall hilarious rugby stories!

World class rugby referees and great friends, Nigel Owens and Derek Bevan have a lot of stories to share. Both refs were in the same car when they were almost killed in a car accident on the M4 in 2014. They are also the only Welshmen to officiate in a World Cup Final – Derek in 1991 and Nigel Owens in 2015. In a new book called Derek and Nigel, both referees share some of the funniest and most memorable moments in their careers.


One of the most famous was when Nigel asked his TMO, Derek if he can award a try - a day when Derek admits he had “bad dose of the double negatives”, when he explained there was no reason why he can’t award a try. That clip has been watched 120,000 times and reflects the humour and friendship between the two referees.


Alun Gibbard who worked on the book with both refs states: “Suffice it to say that they know each other really well. Add to the fact that Derek and Nigel are two of the wittiest and funniest men in rugby, and you have the makings of a good book full of rugby stories...”


They are great friends and are well-known for showing their humour on the field – and don’t shy away from pulling each other’s leg in this book either. The book also shows how rugby has changed over the decades, with Nigel Owens becoming a world famous celebrity. As Derek berates – when they had a crash on the M4, everyone recognised Nigel: “ but there were another two of us in that car you know, thanks for bloody asking!”. As Nigel Owens’ mentor, coach and TMO, Derek has a lot to say on how the game has changed and on Nigel’s pay and celebrity status.