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Marking the 50th Anniversary of Aberfan - A Story of Survival, Love and Community in One Of Britain's Worst Disasters

On the 21st of October 1966, the village of Aberfan in Merthyr Tudfyl was shattered by one of the worst disasters in Welsh and British history.

Following days of bad weather, water from a spring had destabilized a huge coal slag tip one of the black man-made mountains which surrounded the village. Thousands of tonnes of coal tip waste slid down a mountainside and devastated the mining village of Aberfan. The black mass crashed through the local school, where pupils were celebrating the last day of term.

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01/08/2016: National Eisteddfod 2016 | Animation Workshop with Huw Aaron
11:15, Sinemaes
Come and create your own superhero!
Age: 9-11

The workshop will look at the elements needed to create a good film superhero and inspire you to use your imagination and creativity in order to create your own superhero.

Under Huw's expert guidance you will get the chance to learn about the process of creating a superhero for a film or game.

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Clawr | Cover Investigating Mr Wakefield (pb)
Investigating Mr Wakefield (pb)
Rob Gittins
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Clawr | Cover The Dragon Roars Again
The Dragon Roars Again
Jamie Thomas
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Clawr | Cover Kicking Off in North Korea
Kicking Off in North Korea
Tim Hartley
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Clawr | Cover Tryweryn: A Nation Awakes - The Story of a Welsh Freedom Fighter
Tryweryn: A Nation Awakes - The Story of a Welsh Freedom Fighter
Owain Williams
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