Os yn archebu o’r tu allan i’r DU mae’n bosib y bydd yn rhaid i chi dalu treth a chostau dosbarthu eraill ar ben ein costau postio ni.
Llun o Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts

Kate Roberts (1891-1985) is generally regarded as the paragon of prose-writing in Welsh. A novelist, short-story writer and literary journalist, she was born and brought up in Rhosgadfan, near Caernarfon, in North Wales, and her work is suffused with the spirit of the slate-quarrying landscape and lifestyle of her native area. Hardship, suffering and loss are recurring presences in her stories, often counterpointed by her characters' stoical dignity and determination. They tell of the common man - and woman particularly - in a way that indicates authenticity of experience, often portraying life in a domestic setting, and suggesting a society that both shapes and shackles its members.



Te yn y Grug

- Kate Roberts

Y Byw Sy'n Cysgu

- Kate Roberts

Cyfres Cam at y Cewri: Y Byw Sy'n Cysgu

- Kate Roberts

Ffair Gaeaf a Storïau Eraill

- Kate Roberts

Gobaith a Storïau Eraill

- Kate Roberts

Goreuon Storïau Kate Roberts

- Kate Roberts
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