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A picture of Herbert Hughes

Herbert Hughes

Herbert Hughes (1929-2011) was an ordained minister of the Welsh Congregational Churches, and senior lecturer of religious studies at Trinity College, Carmarthen. He wrote numerous well-received articles in religious and literary journals, and was the author of a number of highly acclaimed books in the Welsh language, including a volume on Howel Harris, the Evangelical Revivalist. He studied at the University College of Wales, Cardiff and Geneva, and was a student at the Memorial College, Brecon during Pennar Davies' tenure as principal.


Diary of a Soul

- Pennar Davies, BBC
(Translation: Herbert Hughes)

"Mae'n Ddiwedd Byd Yma...": Mynydd Epynt a'r Troad Allan yn 1940

- Herbert Hughes

Cymru Evan Jones – Detholiad o Bapurau Evan Jones, Ty'n-y-Pant, Llanwrtyd

- Herbert Hughes
£16.99 £6.00

Harris - Gŵr Duw â Thraed o Glai

- Herbert Hughes