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Robat Arwyn

Robat Arwyn was born in Talysarn, Dyffryn Nantlle. He graduated in Music from Cardiff Univeristy in 1980 before winning a Diploma in Librarianship in Wales’ Librarians College, Aberystwyth in 1981, He is the composer of some of the most memorable songs for popular singers such as Leah Owen, Rosalin and Myrddin, Eirlys Parri and Trisgell. Robat has presented a number of radio series on BBC Cymru.



Wyth Cân, Pedair Sioe

- Robat Arwyn

Iarlles y Ffynnon

- Robat Arwyn, Robin Llwyd ab Owain

Ceidwad y Gannwyll

- Robat Arwyn, Robin Llwyd ab Owain

Stori'r Preseb

- Robat Arwyn
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