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A picture of Bethan Gwanas

Bethan Gwanas

Bethan graduated in French in Aberystwyth before doing various jobs such as working with the VSO in Nigeria, finding extras for S4C drama 'Rownd a Rownd', teaching children how to canoe in Glan-llyn, as well as presenting television programmes about gardening and travelling. She has published over 40 books for children, young adults, adults and Welsh learners. She loves dogs, cooking, cycling and hates house work.



Gwrach y Gwyllt

- Bethan Gwanas

Hi yw fy Ffrind

- Bethan Gwanas

Y Gwledydd Bychain

- Bethan Gwanas


- Bethan Gwanas

Mwy o Fyd Bethan

- Bethan Gwanas

Nofelau Nawr: Bywyd Blodwen Jones

- Bethan Gwanas
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