Types of Work - Posters

Types of work


In the sixties and seventies we produced ground-breaking, psychedelic posters for the Welsh pop music scene and the Welsh language protest movement. We continue...  read more

Types of Work - Folders

Types of work


We can produce prestigious folders in all shapes and sizes following your own design or based on a choice of proven, pre-prepared templates. Give us a ring and...  read more

Types of Work - Newsletters

Types of work


We print a dozen Welsh community papers (‘Papurau Bro’) and are proud to be associated with the first one ever published, Papur Pawb here...  read more

Types of Work - Magazines

Types of work


We print and distribute a variety of popular magazines for children, women and a general readership, mostly in full colour. Annual magazine contracts qualify...  read more

Types of Work - Stationery

Types of work


Image is important for business and we can help you create a good impression. We can give you advice on design and print and provide samples of work done on...  read more

Types of Work - Leaflets

Types of work


With our fast, 5-colour Komori press and our folders and collators we can produce a wide range of brochures quickly and cheaply. We have printed...  read more

Types of Work - Books

Types of work


With more than 50 years’ experience of book printing and binding, we produce books of the highest standard. We specialise in short to medium runs of up to 5,000...  read more

Self publishing

Self publishing

With over half a century of publishing experience behind us, we are ideally placed to help and advise you if you want to publish on your own behalf, or for an organization...  read more

Presenting files

Presenting files

We welcome correct PDF files. If unsure, ring us to check your settings. Or you may ‘package’ the work (or ‘collect for output’) from your layout programme. This enables us to access the...  read more


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