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Y Lolfa Challenge the Government with Red Dragon Stickers

A well-known publishing company in Wales has decided to challenge the decision taken by the UK Government to include the Union Jack on new driving licenses by producing Red Dragon stickers to be placed in their place.

In 2014 the UK Government announced that the Union Jack will appear on every new drivers license from now on appearing alongside the EU banner on the licesnses of drivers in Wales, Scotland and England. The decision was strongly condemened by inviduals such as the MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams from Plaid Cymru. Over 3,000 signed the online petition but despite this the new licenses sporting the Union Jack began to appear in July 2015.

Now, Y Lolfa publishers have produced red dragon sticerks that will be suitable to be place over the Union Jack.

'We believe it is completley unfair that Britishness is being imposed upon us in this way.' said Fflur Arwel, Y Lolfa's head of marketing. 'People are not given the choice to declare their nationality nor show that they are proud to be Welsh.'

One customer, Meurig Parry, wrote to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency last summer after he recieved a new license with the Union Jack on it. He said,

'My new license arrived with the Union Jack on it. I am Welsh, and the flag of my nation is the Red Dragon, not the Union Jack. The people of England are welcome to pay tribute to the Union Jack if they so wish, but I fully oppose any decision that forces me to do the same. This is what the government in London is trying to do by insisting that a Union Jack be on every new driver's license. This is a purely political move, by using a document that should be completley apolitical.'

Mr Parri received a response to his complaint by the DVLA which explained that the decision taken by the government in Westminster to include the Union Jack on driving licenses was 'to strengthen national unity'.

'My nation is Wales. If I have any feeling of 'national unity' it will be towards Wales not Great Britain' Mr Parri added 'As a free person residing in a democracy, I have the right to my own political opinion. Nobody, not even the government in London, has the right to impose a political opinion on me. And this is what they are doing by 'strengthening national unity' as stated in the DVLA's response.'

Now, Mr Meurig Parry and anybody else who wishes to have the red dragon of Wales on their driver's license can purchase the stickers produced by Y Lolfa.

The pack of six red dragon stickers is priced £2 and are available from good bookshops and Y Lolfa website www.ylolfa.com