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Struggling to stay positive in these difficult times? New self-help book offers practical answers

With 2020 such a tough year, most of us have found life harder than usual. This week sees the publication of an easy-to-follow self-help book that promises to furnish readers with an effective toolkit to take control of their lives and make lasting, positive changes that could radically increase your happiness. Let It Go by David Rahman is a book for “people who feel blocked and are looking for a way to reset their lives.” 


Since 2004, Speaker and Coach David Rahman has helped countless people from all walks of life overcome their self-esteem and confidence issues, enabling them to live happier lives. He believes that his own experiences with mental health issues help him empathise with his clients.


David Rahman says, “I believe everyone is a work in progress. Letting go is a powerful philosophy and covers a wide range of issues, including overthinking, constantly dwelling on the past, persistently feeling stuck in life and never feeling good enough. The book examines how much happier and more successful we can be when we unload our emotional burdens originating from the past and stop trying to exert complete control over our future.”


Let It Go uses easy-to-understand language and clear examples, backed up with practical tips and exercises throughout. The book shows the reader how to identify the root causes of negative thinking, feelings and behaviours, and takes the reader on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.