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S4C character Cyw encouraging children to recycle

Pollution, especially plastic pollution, is a hot topic worldwide at the moment. Dealing with our waste is increasing in importance as we learn the truth about the destruction that comes from our rubbish. This week sees the publication of a new book in the popular S4C series Dysgu gyda Cyw which introduces the message to children – Ailgylchu gyda Cyw [Recycling with Cyw].


This is the third book in the Dysgu gyda Cyw [Learn with Cyw] series (following from Pi-po Cyw and Siopa gyda Cyw) and are aimed at schools and children who are learning Welsh as a second language.


There is a lack of books suitable for the second language Foundation Phase and the series has gained an excellent reputation for getting small children to learn vocabulary which is linked to simple language patterns and the theme of the story. The books have bilingual text on every page and the series is already being used in schools to reinforce language skills and oracy.


‘The series has been popular, and Y Lolfa are keen to fill the gap in the Foundation Phase second language market,’ said Meinir Edwards from Y Lolfa. ‘The children will be able to identify with Cyw’s experiences by going to various familiar locations and learning the importance of recycling. We are very glad to work alongside Boom Plant and S4C once again on this series.’


The story follows Cyw and friends as they learn the names of colours – red, blue and yellow – of the recycling bins, so that they can recycle different materials – paper, tins and plastic – correctly. It also introduces the idea and the importance of recycling and tidying.


The colourful book is a perfect resource for small children to learn vocabulary associated with the popular S4C chatacters. There will be a few short sentences on each page in Welsh, with the English translation directly below it in smaller print.