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"One of the UK's finest storytellers" - new paperback version of award-winning fairytales

This week sees award-winning Welsh storyteller and author Daniel Morden’s short story collection, Dark Tales from the Woods, back in print and available in paperback for the first time. Rich with the mystery of the Welsh landscape, the stories are vivid retellings of gypsy tales collected from the famous Wood family of Caegwyn.

Described as “one of the UK’s finest storytellers” by BBC Radio 3, Daniel Morden has added his distinctive voice to the old gypsy tales.

Abram Wood, the celebrated king of the gypsies, came to Wales at the beginning of the eighteenth century. His large family became renowned musicians – it is Abram who is credited with bringing the fiddle into Wales, and many of his descendants were excellent harpists.

Author Daniel Morden says:

“I am delighted that Dark Tales from the Woods continues its life in paperback form. I have so enjoyed telling these stories over the years. They are now being told in many languages and many countries, including Kenya, Ireland, America, Canada, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.”

In Dark Tales from the Woods, the fairy tales draw on common themes but have their own unique cadence and character. The sense of menace is strong, and the stories are rich and dark. This spine-tingling collection is reminiscent of the grimmest of the Brothers Grimm’s tales.

The book includes black and white illustrations by Brett Breckon.