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Cardigan Bay dolphins star in new children's book with global warming message

A new children’s book published this week will aim to teach children about helping each other, overcoming the odds and also the threat of global warming.

Set in the Arctic Sea, Moonbeam’s Arctic Adventure by David Morgan Williams and Molly Holborn is the story of two Cardigan Bay bottlenose dolphins, Moonbeam and Sunbeam, who travel to help rescue two Inuit children and polar bears stranded on an iceberg in the Arctic. The story also includes several unusual species of sea life, such as fin whales, Artic Terns, and Greenland sharks and shows the consequences of global warming on the earth, through the characters within the book.

The book is illustrated by Maria Moss, who brings the underwater world to life with her vivid watercolours.

The children’s book also sees David Morgan Williams, author of several books for children, co-write with his granddaughter Molly Holborn for the first time.

To write a book with my grandfather is something to treasure but for other people to share our ideas and concerns of the world is marvellous,” said Molly of the process of writing the book, before adding:

My grandfather and I have a mutual concern on global warming and the rise in endangered species. As young children are the next generation, we aimed to write this book to make them aware of the changes in the world. Hopefully, by this awareness they can help to prevent such drastic environmental changes.”

“I wanted to write a humorous and entertaining story for young readers, which is also educational,” explained author David Morgan Williams.

We hope the book will teach children the changes that the Earth is going through. By showing the consequences of global warming through the characters within the book, we hope to inspire children to take care of their environment in any way they can.”

The book is aimed at readers between the ages of 5 and 7 years of age and hopes to fire up the imaginations of children to enquire further into the subjects discussed within the book.

"I hope the story will fire up my young readers' imaginations." said David, "To me, this is what picture stories for young readers are all about, discovering new worlds and finding themselves, through the joy and excitement of adventure to be had through words and pictures."