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Welsh history is retold in innovative new book

Drawn together from the latest scholarship, the highly informative book 'Welsh History: A Chronological Outline', presents a chronological survey and brief outline of Welsh history from prehistoric times to the present day – the first to do so since Annales Cambriae.

Compiled by Breton author Glyn German – originally from Quimper in Brittany but has Welsh ancestral roots, the book focuses on “not only on the historical background of Wales, but also the artistic, religious, social, economic and political aspects that have contributed to the development of the extraordinary resilient culture of the Welsh people.”

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09/10/2015: Huw Edwards 'City Mission' at City United Reformed Church
Broadcaster Huw Edwards will be taking the William Hodgkins Memorial Lecture at City United Reformed Church, Windsor Palace, Cardiff on Friday, 9th of October at 7:30pm.

'City Mission' follows the history of London's Welsh churches, the origins of the London Welsh, the pattern of Welsh migration to London past and present, and describes in detail the Welsh religious causes in London.

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