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Y Lolfa Challenge the Government with Red Dragon Stickers

A well-known publishing company in Wales has decided to challenge the decision taken by the UK Government to include the Union Jack on new driving licenses by producing Red Dragon stickers to be placed in their place.

In 2014 the UK Government announced that the Union Jack will appear on every new drivers license from now on appearing alongside the EU banner on the licesnses of drivers in Wales, Scotland and England. The decision was strongly condemened by inviduals such as the MP for Arfon, Hywel Williams from Plaid Cymru. Over 3,000 signed the online petition but despite this the new licenses sporting the Union Jack began to appear in July 2015.

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25/02/2016: Jane Blank at Aberystwyth University
Author of The Shadow of Nanteos, Jane Blank, will be attending a staff-student research seminar in the Department of English and Creative Writing at Aberystwyth University on the 25th of February at 4.15 where she will be discussing aspects of her work before giving a short reading from her novel.

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Clawr | Cover A Life in History
A Life in History
John Davies
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Clawr | Cover Dyddiadur Poced 2016 Pocket Diary
Dyddiadur Poced 2016 Pocket Diary
Y Lolfa
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Clawr | Cover Gasmasks and Garston: A Liverpool Childhood (1937-1953)
Gasmasks and Garston: A Liverpool Childhood (1937-1953)
Beatrice Smith
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Clawr | Cover Abertwp Awakes
Abertwp Awakes
Ray Noyes
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