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A Welsh Wander | Book signing with Tom Davies and Derek Brockway at Waterstones Cardiff (01/06/2017)

Join us at Waterstones Cardiff at 7,30 on the 1st of June for a book signing session with A Welsh Wander author Tom Davies and guest apperance by Derek Brockway.
On 26th July 2016, Tom Davies left his home in Presteigne. Nine weeks later he arrived home, having walked the 1,100-mile perimeter of Wales, raising £6,700 for Alzheimer's Society.

This heart-warmingly open and honest book is bursting with interesting facts about places along his route, vivid descriptions and photos of stunning scenery on the Offa's Dyke Path and Wales Coast Path, magical wildlife encounters, bizarre anecdotes, random and life-reaffirming generosity from strangers, and even a few dark moments when he felt like he'd bitten off more than he could chew. But most of all it contains an astounding energy and positivity, and a contagious love for the breathtaking coast and scenery of Wales which cannot fail to get the reader's feet itching to get out and see more of this wonderful country.

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