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Clawr | Cover

Stained Glass from Welsh Churches

Martin Crampin  Other books by Martin Crampin

This fully illustrated hardback brings together over six years of research and an archive of thousands of high-quality photographs, to produce a detailed narrative outlining the range and development of stained glass in Wales from the 14th century up to the present day.

ISBN: 9781847718259

Category: Art

Language: English



  "The first thing to note is that Martin Crampin is to be congratulated on bringing out his first book, which the author himself designed and for which he provided much of the photography. This is no mean feat in itself. Secondly, regional surveys of stained glass of all periods in the British Isles are so rare that any contribution to the literature should be welcomed, and one so ably informed and such a visual treat more so... As an accessible general survey of a nation's heritage in stained glass, this volume can hardly be bettered, and it is moreover a handsome feast for the eye. Let us hope that it will spur others to investigate the subject more seriously, and not just in Wales." - Neil Moat, Vidimus.org

  "This is a truly magnificent book, all the more so because it is the first synoptic view of an artistic medium which has never been taken seriously within Wales. A glorious work, unequivocally recommended." - Ancient Monuments Society Newsletter, Autumn 2014

  "This is an admirable survey, illustrated throughout in full colour, which will arouse a great deal of interest and delight those who read it. Much, much more than a coffee-table book, it is a great credit to author and publisher alike." - Rhidian Griffiths, Gwales

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