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Clawr | Cover


Barbara Davies  Other books by Barbara Davies

The remarkable story of Barbara Warlow Davies, an English-speaking four year old, who was evacuated from Liverpool to Talgarreg in Ceredigion during the Second World War.

Prior to her arrival in Wales she'd experienced the Blitz of May 1941 in Liverpool when thousands died at the hands of the Luftwaffe. We read about her being rescued from an explosion which killed 164 people at the Ernest Brown School before her move to live in rural Wales.

Such was her welcome in Talgarreg that she decided to stay there after the war at the home of John and Rachel Davies in Pantglas.

Rural Cardiganshire after the war is portrayed vividly in the book, with descriptions of farming customs, such as the day when the pig was killed, and how everyone coped with rationing.

There are also portraits of some of the characters of the area; they are penned by a lady who is forever grateful for the warm welcome she received in the community of Talgarreg.

ISBN: 9781784612917


Language: English


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