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Ffydd Gobaith Cariad

Llwyd Owen  Other books by Llwyd Owen

The past. The present. The future. They are all connected. Alun Brady, who is about to turn 30, has lived a sheltered life with his parents in their comfortable home in one of Cardiff's most affluent suburbs. But when Patrick, his mischievous grandfather, comes to live, and die, in their home, a series of events take place that bring about huge changes in the young man's life. Full of colourful characters, an original plot and a memorable ending, "Ffydd Gobaith Cariad" has evolved naturally from the author's first novel "Ffawd Cywilydd a Chelwyddau". Seen entirely from Alun's perspective, this is a powerful novel with incredible, unexpected twists. By examining contemporary issues, the novel looks at the monotony of life and the little (and big) things that can disrupt the calm.

ISBN: 0862439396

Category: Fiction

Language: Welsh


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