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Glyndwr's First Victory

Ian Fleming  Other books by Ian Fleming

The battle of Hyddgen (1401) was Owain Glyndwr's first great victory - crucial in the success of the famous rebellion. Ian Fleming explains lucidly the background and all known details of the battle where 500 Welshmen outfought 1500 Flemish soldiers.

ISBN: 0862435900

Category: History

Language: English



  "The recent surge of interest and spate of publications which appeared in the wake of the celebration of the sexcentenary of the Glyndŵr rebellion last year still continue. This slim, attractively produced volume, reflecting the high standards associated with Gwasg y Lolfa, is devoted exclusively to the pivotal Battle of Hyddgen which took place in the late spring of 1401. This first decisive military victory for the Welsh rebel and his followers over the English Crown served to transform a largely sporadic local uprising into an impressive national rebellion. This striking victory clearly demonstrated the military capability of Glyndŵr and his followers and soon had striking repercussions in many parts of Wales.
Mr Fleming has read widely and thoughtfully among the mainly printed source materials available to him, and has organized his lucid account carefully in a series of short, digestible sections. Attention is given to the sources used from which he quotes liberally (though one misses precise footnote references), the background to the encounter, its course, and its immediate and long-term effects.
This short account ends in the autumn of 1401, but the curious reader, his appetite now whetted, can then turn to the more substantial volumes penned by Sir J. E. Lloyd and Professor R. Rees Davies for scholarly examinations of succeeding events.
The book includes a number of clearly drawn maps, photographs of the area and even detailed instructions on how to traverse the region by foot. A helpful list of references and further reading is appended. Our understanding of a key episode in the intricate course of a lengthy rebellion has certainly been enhanced. " - J. Graham Jones , Gwales.com

  "The book has some excellent photographs and detailed maps to guide you to key points of the battle. Essential reading." - Cambria

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