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Martin Davis

Martin Davis

Novelist and a prolific poet. Establisher of the company Afiaith in Taliesin.

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Bran ar y Crud   (Martin Davis)
A thriller - someone is seeking revenge on an influential councillor.

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Broc Rhyfel   (Martin Davis)
The lives of arms dealer Keith Jones and trafficked sex victim Nina Puskar from Sarajevo intertwine in this pacey intern...

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Chwain y Mwngrel   (Martin Davis)

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Llosgi'r Bont   (Martin Davis)
A collection of five short stories, encompassing the humorous and the intense, about a group of villagers, Welsh and Eng...

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Os Dianc Rhai   (Martin Davis)
A historical novel set in Pen Llyn, Oxford and mainland Europe during the Second World War.

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Rhithiau   (Martin Davis)
Eight gripping political stories located in Wales and Eastern Europe.

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Seros 1   (Martin Davis)
A novel for children set in a time when the earth is no longer inhabitable. Meic Jervis and his family are amongst the f...

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Seros 2   (Martin Davis)
The second novel in the Seros series recording the exciting advent ures of Meic and Elen Jarvis during their endeavours ...

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Tonnau Tryweryn   (Martin Davis)
Novel based on the 1955 decision made by Liverpool City Council to build a reservoir in the Tryweryn Valley to supply wa...

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