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Gerald Morgan

Gerald Morgan is a respected historian and teacher whose titles include "Ceredigion: A Wealth of History" and "Nanteos: A Welsh House and its Families". He lives in Aberystwyth.

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Books in English
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A Brief History of Wales   (Gerald Morgan)
From the Romans onward, via Vikings, Saxons, Normans and Flemings, the Welsh have both resisted and absorbed invasion af...

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Castles in Wales: A Handbook   (Gerald Morgan)
You may be a castle enthusiast on holiday or an armchair aficionado seeking the perfect introduction to Welsh castles. I...

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Looking for Wales   (Gerald Morgan)
Looking for Wales is an informal, wide-ranging guide to Wales.; How did dragons, goats and leeks become symbols of Welsh...

Books in Welsh
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Ar Drywydd Dewi Sant   (Gerald Morgan)
A comprehensive and informative book about the history of David, patron saint of Wales. The author Gerald Morgan seeks t...

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