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Alcemi is a new quality fiction imprint from an established independent publisher. Writers from Wales will be our cornerstone, but there will be no bars to setting, subject or style. We are looking for original contemporary fiction that will resonate within Wales and far beyond.

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Daily Express Scores Dovetail by Jeremy Hughes 4/5!

Jeremy Hughes Dovetail was reviewed by the Daily Express' Anita Jardine, who gave it a 4/5 Score and the following endorsement: "Impressive debut novel... devised by an original mind and told in tight, well-crafted prose.... That Hughes still holds the reader's attention until the final shattering revelation is a tribute
to his skill." Score" 4/5.

The Vagabond's Breakfast on Sandy Toksvig's Excess Baggage, Radio Four, Sat 18 June, 10am

Richard Gwyn was interviewed by comedian and broadcaster Sandy Toksvig for her travel programme Excess Baggage, broadcast on Radio Four on Saturday 19 June at 10am. He talked about those parts of The Vagabond's Breakfast set in northern Spain for the programme's special on Catalunya Excess Baggage

Major NWR Hay Interview with Richard Gwyn and Horatio Clare

Excerpts from The Vagabond's Breakfast ran during the week of 9-13 May alongside a rave review of Scott Pack's which compares Gwyn's writing on illness with the writing of Hilary Mantel and Joan Didion, plus Scott interviews Richard Gwyn about the book.

Scott Pack's extract selection from The Vagabond's Breakfast

Extract 1: 'Fingers' In which fingers are lost to an industrial saw
Extract 2: 'Brain Fog' In which an alarm clock is stuffed with bread
Extract 3: 'Roberto Bolano' In which the author thinks he may have met Roberto Bolano
Extract 4: 'Welcome to Tunisia'

Review on Me and My Big Mouth

Scott Pack talks to Richard Gwyn about The Vagabond's Breakfast

Courtesy Jo Mazelis, Richard Gwyn, author of The Vagabond's Breakfast

Telegraph Hay Festival 2011: Richard Gwyn in "Running for the Hills" with Horatio Clare and NWR editor Gwen Davies. Richard Gwyn is the author of The Vagabond's Breakfast, Horatio Clare of Truant, Notes from the Slippery Slope, and Gwen Davies is the new editor of the New Welsh Review.
Richard Gwyn at Hay 2011

Book here

The Independent's Book of a Lifetime: Borges' Fictions is Richard Gwyn's choice Richard Gwyn's Book of a Lifetime

Jayne Joso, author of Perfect Architect

Thursday 12 May 2011, Meet Jayne Joso at the Big Green Bookshop, Wood Green, N22 6BG. London public launch of Perfect Architect. 7pm

3am Magazine Interviews Jayne Joso!
Jayne Joso at Ladyfest 10

Read Interview

Disability Magazine Interviews Romy Wood

Read Interview

Romy Wood with teacher Richard Gwyn and editor Gwen Davies

Penny Simpson, photo by Sian Trenberth

Penny Simpson will be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, August 13-29, 2011, where she will be reading from her new novel, The Deer Wedding

Archive News

Joso Cerys BBC Six Music choice

Jayne Joso at Ladyfest Ten

Deer Wedding at Art Roath Festival

Chris Keil at Wales at Wordstock

Bamboo Grove WMC launch sells out

Deer Wedding launch

Bumping Nominee, Portico Prize for Literature

Soothing Music shortlisted for TPBP

Tony Bianchi in conversation at Hay Festival 2010

Faith, Hope and Love launch

Fflur Dafydd in Wrexham libraries promotion

Jeb Loy Nichols on Rhys Davies Shortlist 2010

Penny Simpson in Best European Fiction anthology

Fflur Dafydd Scoops Top Welsh Fiction Prize, Aug 09

Fflur Dafydd Selected for Prestigious Iowa Residency, Sept 09

Fflur Dafydd Oxfam Hay Emerging Writer of the Year, May 09

Alan Bilton at Edinburgh, August 09

Gee Williams shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year, June 09

Essential Writers Interview with Editor Gwen Davies

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